Moving on…

Taking Fay to an Air Cadet event this morning, it’s prep for her trip to Normandy and the D-Day commemorations with her Squadron. She’s really looking forward to it.

I’m very happy that she seems to have bought into the whole military ethos thing. If she sticks to it she’ll be set for life. It seems a bit weird to see her packing my old bergan* and breaking out some of my old kit that I kept though.

*Bergan – British military term for a rucksack.


5 responses to “Moving on…

  1. Air Cadet is RAF, right? I’m surprised an old Army hand would tolerate such a thing! 🙂

    The D-Day commemoration sounds like great fun. I wish I could be there to see it.

  2. I know Steve, what can I say, I’ve failed her. She’s taking after her Granddad (my dad) who was in the RAF and saw active service in the Malayan emergency in the 50s.

    We’re a military family though, my Grandad (my Dad’s Dad) was in WW1 and served on the Western Front, and miraculously survived the first day of the Somme after “going over the top” with the Warwickshire Fusiliers.

  3. Did you see that….? Clive’s chest is swelling.

  4. The Malayan emergency is a great study for anyone wishing to understand how to conduct a counterinsurgency. And my Great Grand Uncle died in WWI at Third Ypres, fighting in the Canadian 1st Division (yes, my family came to America from England via Canada!).

  5. I salute all you vets, thank you for my freedom.

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