Write off.

There’ll be no pedalling at all this week. Circumstances have conspired to stop me as I’m working from home due to reasons that aren’t relevant to this missive.

There hasn’t been too much food discipline either. A crap week all told. Not happy with myself at all.


5 responses to “Write off.

  1. Clive,

    Don’t beat yourself up about it mate.

    What you have done deserves respect.

    An occasional stint of not doing as well as you would like is natural.

    Chin up.


  2. Food discipline is much over-rated 😉

  3. Plenty pressure, not too much thinking clearly Mike…

  4. Keeping things going all the time is the hardest task in the world, you have achieved so much. There has to be some down time, it’s inevitable, you’re not a machine, you’re human with all kinds of other input and output to deal with. So don’t berate yourself. Tomorrow is another day. Cheers

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