There’s always someone faster – and older…

In the absence of pedalling again today, I thought about another story from my past. This time a cycling story.

It was inspired by this post from my fellow Cycling Blogger Steve. His site is really entertaining and I urge to bimble over there and have a read!

Back in the late 1990s I worked at Landrover in Solihull in the engineering department. I commuted to Solihull from Rubery where I still live which was a round trip of 28 miles.

I had a really nice Dawes road bike and a lot of my commute was rural. It was great.

At the end of the day the exit from Landrover was obviously chokka with folks eager to get out, this included a fair few pedallers. I always seemed to be behind an old guy on a Halfords special MTB all the way from the gate to the Shirley traffic lights about 3 miles away. He’d turn off towards Hall Green and I’d carry on towards Wythall. Thank God!

He was a beast, I was always knackered at Shirley lights, the pace he kept up on his old bone shaker was immense! I was in my mid 30s at the time and thought I was fairly fit, he was approaching retirement age!

But, as was bound to happen I eventually pulled up at a set of lights alongside him.

“You’re doing pretty well” he smiled to me in a normal conversational type way.

“Thanks mate” I panted trying not to be sick all over him.

“There’s not many people who can keep up with me” he laughed.

“Why’s that mate?” I choked desperately attempting to breathe through my one remaining functional lung.

“I’m part of the Great Britain tri-athlon team, the veteran’s section, and before you ask, yes, Ironman distance.”

“Ahh, that’d do it, good luck for the season then.”

Lesson learned I thought, always beware of old boys on crap bikes.


4 responses to “There’s always someone faster – and older…

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Clive, as well as the introduction to the word, “bimble.” I shall spend the day looking for ways to include it in my vocabulary! I think the title of your post says it all – no matter where you find yourself, there is always somebody faster, slower, prettier, uglier, etc… I’ve also found that, regardless of their abilities, you can almost certainly learn something from everybody you meet – just like you did that day in Landrover.

  2. Tell me about it, younger older, they’re all faster than me.

  3. Commuter Racing!

    Just tell yourself you won because he bottled it and kept peeling off at the lights.

  4. HaHa! That’s a good story – pwned, as the kids would say 🙂

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