I’m still working from home today for reasons I won’t bore you with. So in the absence of anything pedalling or weight loss related I’ll give you this. Ok it is rugby related but it is funny.

To give you a bit of background to the tale, I played in the front row of the scrum at Hooker. Playing front row usually meant you didn’t get to score too many tries. Indeed in 35 years of playing competitive rugby I scored 6. And I can remember them all.

This is the story of one of them. Scored while playing when I was in the Army against the United States Marine Corps no less.

Without ruining it, in my defence the truth of the matter is somewhere between the two versions told here. It’s from a monthly newsletter from my rugby club. The editors asked for stories of past glories and only one person could have delivered this. No names no pack drill. But you know who you are…Skehan…

Oh and to help you overseas readers PG Tips is a popular brand of tea here in the UK. For the nostalgic amongst you, got to Youtube and search for PG Tips chimp adverts.

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5 responses to “Different.

  1. After reading that I think they put something in your PG Tips………………..

  2. Robin Crampton

    It reminds me of reading a report on a football match my son Ben played in when he was about 10 years old. It painted such a picture of him as the best player on the field. He scored he passed, he was man of the match. Jill and I where impressed our son was so good. When asked who wrote the report he replied “me”.

  3. Who’s that youngster put your name under his picture!??? Great story Clive.

  4. I see your memory is as exceptional as mine, Clive. I distinctly recall when I played bag pipes for the Black Watch with the West Point Pipes and Drums. The pipers were amazed at our abilities and after summoning some courage asked us for playing tips, which we graciously provided.

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