A funny month so far.

After the euphoria of the 30 days of biking in April, May has turned (like the weather) into a bit of a damp squib.

The PC is workable though not fully sorted, home is getting chaotic, work is work and the Rugby season is over. Which ironically means that for a coach it gets much busier with planning, organisation, courses and conferences.

The pedalling has been back down the canal and NCR5 on my MTB which means getting filthy due to the towpath crap, but offset by the peace and quiet and safer environment. The Geese are all starting families and it’s always nice to see the newly hatched Goslings waddling over the towpath chasing Mom and Dad into the safety of the water.

I’m struggling with the motivation again though, I’m doing what I should be doing, but bloody hell it’s hard to stay focussed at the moment. I’m working from home tomorrow and Friday, which means dragging my lazy fat arse out of bed to get a pedal in early doors before I start. That’s really tough. No I mean really tough!

This just proves I still have to put myself in situations where I have to do the right thing rather than do it without thinking, a long process this…


One response to “A funny month so far.

  1. Sorry Clive…it NEVER gets any easier!

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