I’m back…sort of…

I have mywork laptop back so at least I can post. But the IT nerds at my place have given me a new hard drive for my laptop with Windows 7 on it. Now I don’t give a monkey’s what OS I have, or whose products work gives me to use IT wise. I’m no IT snob, PC this, MAC that, Linux the other. Who really gives a shit in the real world?

 As long as it works.

It appears that Windows 7 doesn’t support a lot of the software I rely on to do my job. Well thought through eh? My profile on the network domain keeps changing too, sometimes I can access the network drives, sometimes I can’t. Sometimes I have full internet rights (which I should have) sometimes I don’t. It’s crap. The HQ side of the business is actually IT based. My side of the business is engineering. It seems there’s a bit of Brickies House syndrome going on with the IT nerds.

But at least I can post now. Thank God for small mercies I say.

Anyway, still pedalling, still watching the grub. Enjoying the light mornings. Not enjoying the headwinds!


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