Helmets and the health and Safety Nazis!

A bit of a moan today. Sorry, but this needs to be got off my chest.

Helmets and the bloody Health and Safety Nazis!

Just lately I’ve been noticing on various blogs, Twitter and Facebook a lot of people getting on their high horse about folks not wearing helmets when pedalling.

Well shut up! It’s their choice! It ain’t affecting you one iota!

There I feel better now.

Just for clarity I always wear a helmet when I ride and when me and Dan are pedalling together he wears a helmet too so it’s second nature to him.

Wearing a helmet is actually a no brainer for me if you’ll pardon the phraseology, in as much as it can’t do any harm but I’m not convinced that they actually help much in any serious incident.

I think they can be ok in a low speed off when you bump a kerb or something like that. But what use are they in a high speed crash off road or a 40 ton HGV ploughing into you at a junction? Better than nothing I guess, but life saver in those situations? Dunno, even the expert research is undecided.

So my bottom line is this. Wear one if you want, I do, but for God’s sake leave the preaching to non helmet wearer’s out of it. It’s their swedes when all said and done, wtf has it to do with you!


5 responses to “Helmets and the health and Safety Nazis!

  1. I totally agree, but I think we’re in a losing situation. In America, helmet use for motorcyclists is compulsory. The argument goes like this: yes, the only person taking risk is the rider, but head trauma occurs so often that it effects health care costs, and this is a burden shared by everyone, therefore society has an interest in motorcyclists wearing helmets. And thus another infringement on personal liberty is accomplished.

    So, if bicycling increases in popularity like we hope it will, we can expect similar scrutiny. The precedent is set with motorcycles, so it will be a simple thing to mandate helmet use for bicyclists.

  2. I sure do agree, don’t care who wears a helmet or who don’t. I spose some just don’t have enough else to worry about.

  3. I don’t really agree unless you count lulling you into a false sense of safety. Many years ago I dealt with a fatal motorcycle accident cause of death was the result of his helmet cracking on impact and piercing his brain. Sure it was a bit of an oddity but bike helmets are made of material that will crack up if involved in a nasty impact.

    On the flip side I usually wear my helmet on the push-bike but watching some of the faster cyclists without one I do wonder how long before one of them has a nasty headache!

    Mandatory helmet use will not be so easy to enforce as it is on motorcycles which are mostly traceable quite easily and where non-wearing can invalidate insurance which means even die-hard gang fans are usually seen in some form of headwear. As is common with many laws, the only people to be slapped with a penalty fine would be the law abiding easy targets that stop for the cops, others will cycle with impunity imho.

    The argument for motor cycle helmet law used the high cost of treating head injuries following motor cycle related accidents, it didn’t matter whether the biker was at fault, it all came down to money and the knock-on effect that health authorities can bill you for treatment following road accidents.

    Anyway, I wear a helmet but wouldn’t like to see it mandatory. I’d much rather the cops did something about the hordes of drunken cyclists we now see and who go around completely unnoticed by the law. If the cops can’t sort that out then I guess we could mandate helmet wearing so they can collect some revenue from the parents of young kids etc.

    Best wishes to all,

  4. You MR C

    Are THE Man 🙂

  5. welshcyclist

    Her indoors berates me for not wearing mine, but I’m not comfortable wearing it, and what’s more it ruins my hair! I do see the serious side, however it shouldn’t be made compulsory, to wear one. Now I’ve got my muvi cam, I may well be wearing a helmet, so I can attach it to it.

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