Pinch Punch first of the month.

A completely bike free day today for the first time in a while. Rugby takes centre stage this morning.

2 of our age group teams at Bees containing players I coach in the Advanced Player section are in their respective North Midlands Cup finals (a very big deal) at Sutton Coldfield Rugby Club today.

I’ll be going along with Dan to offer my support obviously.

Then later on this evening a very old and dear friend from our Army days is visiting with her younger daughter. They emigrated to Kiwi land around 5 years ago and are having a great life. Unfortunately, her husband my great mate Heath is having to work, he’s a bike cop down there and their eldest daughter Emma is at Uni so they couldn’t make it. But it’ll be great to see Clair and Meg again. Really looking forward to that!


2 responses to “Pinch Punch first of the month.

  1. What am I to make of Rugby 7s? A TV network over here which specializes in fringe sports (of which, rugby is one in the USA) is showing these matches. It seems a little odd – just seven minutes a half and only seven players per side.

  2. Treat it as a separate sport Steve. Having played it myself (very rarely as I’m built for comfort not speed) I can attest to the fact that 7 minutes is plenty on a full size rugby pitch with acres of space!

    It can be very exciting though and is a good tool to promote good technique and fitness for the full form of the game.

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