The end…

So it’s April the 30th and the 30 days of biking challenge has come and gone. How quick was that then? I actually got out every day in some form or another and rode my bike. Usually at weekends I’m all familied up or too busy or just using the time for rest.

I pretty much did the same this month to be honest, the trips round the block with Dan were not tiring and even though it felt like cheating, fun none the less.

I was part of Team Loving The Bike and we had a competition with Bicycle Radio to see who rode their bikes the most via a very complicated points system that I still don’t understand! It’ll be Tuesday when we see who won!

The photo below is me today after a very quick pedal to Alvechurch and back.

The team scorer Ian (@pedalmanto on Twitter) asked us to do Darryl’s favorite hand sign thing as thank you to him for organising the team. Not sure what it means, but hey ho, anything to oblige! Must be a North American thing!

Bike ride done, so that means family. I’ll be taking the Spawn of Satan out this morning to give his Mom a break and then it’ll be rugby this afternoon. European Cup semi final between Leinster and Toulouse. Really looking forward to that one!


6 responses to “The end…

  1. Congratulations!!! Very impressive. Sadly, I cannot translate the hand gesture for you. If your palm was facing outward and your two fingers were pointing to the sky, you would be indicating that you support the University of Texas with the “Hook ’em Horns” hand signal. It looks vaguely Hawaiian, although the typical gesture has the thumb and pinky finger extended.

    Be careful making gestures like this in the States. This is how gang members identify each other. If you errently flash the wrong gang sign, it’s a great way to get yourself killed. This almost never happens to anyone, but I felt obliged to give you a safety brief! 🙂

  2. Ta Steve, apparently it is the Texan Uni symbol. Thanks for safety brief, but I never go around gesturing anything to anyone. Too much of a coward!

  3. You’ve been an incredible teammate, Clive and it doesn’t end after today. It’s cool that you don’t totally understand the point system…..but it doesn’t seem to matter because you are right up there for our team and you’re points are going to help us beat Bicycle Radio. I believe you are currently in second place within Team #LovingtheBike, and we’ll find out on Tuesday which team comes out ahead. But what I know for sure is that each of us that did this challenge are Champions. Well Done.

  4. Congrats! I did the 30 Days of Biking as well. My how time flies!

  5. Well done Clive, the month has flown by, but what a month! Great stuff on the pedaling

  6. Well done Clive! I just don’t know how you guys found the time to get out everyday. It has been fantastic inspiration reading the blogs etc!



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