Road bike commute.

On my way in this morning I was thinking about why I came in on my road bike. I thought back to opening the garage and realised just how I choose what bike to ride into work.

Boredom is a factor, a different bike gets a different route, MTB commuter along the towpath and NCR5, road bike gets a blast in on Her Majesty’s Highways. But this morning there was only one thing motivating me to get on my road bike.

I’d ridden the road bike on Monday with my mate Ski and I’d cleaned the MTB commuter to within an inch of its life on Saturday and I really couldn’t be arsed with having 2 dirty bikes to clean at the weekend so my road bike it was.

On the way in my Garmin Edge 500 threw a hissy fit. The first time this had happened to me. The split time is set at the default 5 mile mark and I looked down at it as I was coming into Harbourne expecting it to light up with it’s usual beep at the 5 mile point. I was concious I was motoring and wanted to check the split. I noticed the time elapsed, not bad, then saw the distance and it appeared to be stuck at 3.88 miles. Weird. I stopped the timer, did a reset and turned it on again. It appeared to be working for the rest of the trip. Lucky I know the correct mileage for that route. I downloaded the routes and labelled them “dodgy 1” and “dodgy2” on my Garmin site.

It was a bit chilly this morning, not that I mind that, but I did need to get up to speed to get warm pretty rapidly as I was in shorts and T-Shirt again.

I tell you what though, I could get used to this 3 day week lark!

I came across this link via Twitter yesterday. Thought I’d share it with you as there is a bikey/weight loss theme. Inspiring stuff though.

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