Easter Sunday

After the obligatory egg session, me and the lad bimbled out for bike ride. We went around the block and over the fields. A jolly time was had by all!

After that was dinner with Mum in Law and a trip out to the Dodford, They’d got a beer festival on there with the added “attraction” of a Morris Dancing festival too.

Morris dancing is an old English folk dance with Pagan roots. Although that is disputed in some circles. It may look odd to see grown men skipping around waving hankies in the air, but I’ve found that when ever I’ve seen it I cannot help but smile. And it is uniquely English!

Most countries on the planet have their unique dance, the Scot’s have the Highland Fling, the Maori’s have the Haka, we have the Morris Dance.

Indeed, I often think the English Rugby team should respond to the New Zealand Haka by Morris dancing back at them. That’d show ’em!

Morris dancing at the Dodford Yesterday.

Off for a bike ride with my mate Ski today. Looking forward to it!


One response to “Easter Sunday

  1. I now have this picture of the England team replying to the haka by morris dancing and going on to win by default as New Zealand die of laughter…………… An amusing picture at 7:30 in the morning but as you say a distinctly British tradition

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