Updates and stuff…

Let’s start with the main point of this blog. That of pork reduction. A bit of good news. Check out the reading on the scales below.

A 6Ib loss to see the number 14 on the scales is massive for me and a huge boost to the old morale. It means I’ve cracked the 100Ibs loss which is a pretty good thing to be able to say. It is getting harder to shift though. Don’t ever stop!

I thought it would be nice to put a bit of bikey history in the blog. At the Dodford on Friday an old boy riding this bowled up.

It’s a 75 year old Raleigh with a Sturmey Archer 3 speed dyno hub, lockable front fork and sporting rod brakes. As a child of the 60s and 70s I used to see a fair few of these in and around Birmingham, usually with older fellers on their way to work. As the old boy riding this said to me they were a bit tougher than us! It weighed an absolute ton and he told me he hasn’t had it out of first gear in years!

A close up of the famous Raleigh Heron badge, the front fork lock and the rod brakes. What a beast! Totally over engineered and bomb proof. It will probably outlast the old boy and me!

After a quick blast around the block with Dan to keep on with the 30 days of biking challenge I finally knuckled down and got the MTB commuter clean.

Here’s the result of a bit of drive train cleaning and fettling.

I also fitted these new bottle cages onto my Giant Road Bike that I brought from Decathlon.

What a place! I could have spent all day in there browsing, but in the end I walked away with 2 cycling tops and some bib shorts to go with the bottle cages. They seem good quality and at a reasonable price too.

Happy Easter everyone.


5 responses to “Updates and stuff…

  1. Top stuff Clive, bloody well done, 6lb is brilliant, over 100 is amazing 🙂 cracking old bike too, deff made to last!

  2. I can’t read the scales on my phone but to get a 14 in there is awesome, well done!

  3. Congratulations on yet another achievement! And thanks for the cycling history from Raleigh. My next bike (in many years) may well be a steel bike – hopefully a little less heavy than the classic you show, but still in keeping with the style of the era.

  4. !00 lbs less of you, fantastic, no wonder you pedal so fast these days. Gulp, at 14 stone 12 lbs you are 15 lbs lighter than me, you deserve a medal, or at least a T-shirt, to mark your achievement. Any suggestions out there for the motif? Maybe a simple,

    “Clive’s lost 100” or:-

    “There’s 100 lbs less of me”

    I’m sure someone can come up with a memorable or comic statement, I’d buy one!

  5. Well done Clive. 100lb is a great feeling isn’t it?

    Pork reduction lol. Love it 🙂

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