Happy St George’s Day!

As a proud Englishman I always recognise our Patron Saint’s Day. That of St George. It isn’t trendy for an Englishman to be patriotic. That is usually left to my Celtic Cousins, the French or my American friends. Why this should be I am not certain. But type St George’s flag into Google and the second suggestion you get is “St George’s Flag Racist.” That saddens me.

Whatever your view, Happy St George’s Day!

Today I’m off to Decathlon to get a couple of cycling jerseys for the Summer and a couple of other bits’n’pieces too. Thanks to Unfitguy and Matty lad for the heads up via Twitter on this place. Very cheap!

Later the MTB commuter will be getting some TLC after a pedal around the block with Dan who is now going great guns on his bike. There’s absolutely no stopping him. For a lad just turned 4 I think he’s doing brilliantly. But then again I am biased!

I had to include this photo of Dan with Richard the Gaffer of the Dodford Inn taken yesterday afternoon. Richard has the pub decked out in England Flags, has Bombardier Beer on tap (my favourite by the way) and has traditional English Morris Dancing going on today.


3 responses to “Happy St George’s Day!

  1. Fair play to you big man 😀

    It’s a fine line between patriotism and racism. The former is “I’m proud of who I am”, the latter is “I am better than you”

    It would be good if we could have the same kind of celebrations for St George as there are for St Patrick 🙂

  2. Happy St. George’s Day! I say celebrate to your heart’s content. The world has a lot to thank the English for and you should be proud of every last bit of it.

  3. Happy St G’s to you too.

    Married to a Paddy I’ve been to Boston to celebrate the day, yet can’t say the same of St G. That said momentum seems to be building and as with St P it’s really an excuse to drink.

    Whilst cycling through Dunstable yesterday there were a number of people coming in and out of watering holes dressed as St G (obligatory white bed sheet and tin helmet) and a number of houses with bunting and flags from each window, but judging from the number of Union Jack flags this may be confused with some wedding that’s happening next week.

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