The Black Death.

I was up and did a smaller pedal this morning, I went over the Lickeys and around alvechurch for about 13 miles.

I finished off by bimbling through Hopwood, where I’ve seen this road name a couple of times and it fascinated me so I did a bit of research and uncovered this grizzly tale.

It harked back to the Black Death or the Bubonic Plague  back in medieval days. The corpses of the Hopwood and Alvechurch victims of the plague were transported by cart to a pit which is now the site of the M42 Hopwood Service Station along this lane which resulted in the lane being called Pestilence Lane. The ground was actually tested for the plague when the services were built. I didn’t realise the disease could stay dormant for that long!

Oh and I promised a weigh in, the scales are playing up so it didn’t happen. Sorry!

Happy Easter everyone!


2 responses to “The Black Death.

  1. There’s a few car drivers I’d like to be in Pestilence Lane, is it a one way street? Or better still a dead end? On that happy note, I’ll wish you a Happy Easter also.

  2. Nasty stuff. I wonder how many Hopwood Service Station customers know they are standing on a mass grave as they fill up their cars?

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