26 miler this morning.

I was up and hit the towpath at my usual 0500hrs and felt pretty good so I did a tasty 26 miles before I decided to go home. A beautiful morning that took me over to the Maypole then through the lanes to Alvechurch and finally over the Lickey’s and home.

I did a bit of road bike prep yesterday I’ve tempted fate and removed the Crud Road Guards, taken the lights off and given it a clean. My mate Ski is bowling up on Monday we’re doing a small road ride so he can get used to his new Specialized Allez. I reckon about 20 to 30 miles should be plenty for him. I’ve picked an Easterly route as it’ll be a bit flatter. I know he reads this so I won’t mention until after Monday what I’ve brought him for his impending 50th birthday! Suffice it to say it is bike related.

I’ve been back on the ball this week with my focus and motivation. The slight head f*** from last week seems to have passed and I’ve been doing my post ride excercises too. I’ll do a weigh in after tomorrow morning’s pedal and spill the beans here naturally.

I did a guest post on a very good American Blog that I read called Bike Noob. I wish I was knowledgable as Ray and he calls himself Bike Noob!


3 responses to “26 miler this morning.

  1. Robin Crampton

    Morning Clive Read your blog on Bike Noob. Although the items you covered I had read before, its nice to see you spreading the word to our American friends. I’m away in the Lakes for a week from tomorrow, so will have some catching up to do on your blog when I get back. Happy Easter mate.

  2. Good to hear that you’re feeling good and energized. Nice to see you get in 26 miles today….keep it going, my man.


  3. Whats this “20 to 30” kack. you said 20! 30 is half as far again. This is mission creep of the worst kind.

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