30 days of biking Day 20.

I had a great pedal over to Edgbaston Tunnel this morning via NCR5 and the towpath. 20 miles in all and keeps me on track for pedalling every day in April.

The tunnel.

The ride was quite chilly in the pre dawn light but I soon warmed up.

The towpath pedal home yesterday was a good indication that the fair weather pedallers now think Spring is here. I’ve never seen so many cyclists down the cut in the time I’ve been using it to commute. It’s very annoying as I’m the fastest on the canal and always overtaking. “Excuse me please!”


2 responses to “30 days of biking Day 20.

  1. If the paths are anything like they are here, they will soon be populated with walkers, joggers, moms pushing babies in strollers, children, dogs, etc… Good luck negotiating the obstacles. They tend to force me onto the road. Having seen some of your videos, however, I can appreciate why that isn’t the best option for you!

    Nice post on Bike Noob, BTW!

  2. Yes, it’s certainly getting more crowded out there, but all these new guys and gals are getting up drivers noses, making them take more risks with our(us cyclists), safety. The roads around here are getting really scary, except when I’m on my very early morning commute.

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