Overslept big style!

I’m working from home today and tomorrow. That means I get up at my normal time and do a pedal. This morning I was going to do a 20 miler to Edgbaston tunnel and back via the canal and NCR5. The operative word there being “was.”

My head hit the pillow last night, next thing I know it’s 0715hrs. I must have been tired, or as wifey said “you obviously needed it!” Whatever, I’ll do a quick spin around the block later to keep on with the 30 days of biking challenge.

Yesterday’s pedal home was against a right old headwind. It also contained a few incidents, while not life threatening as such, certainly gives you some idea as to how much consideration some motorists give cyclists. I’ll let this short video demonstrate far better than I can describe.

On the subject of safety, after the Topsoil wagon incident last week which was the first non contact incident I’ve had that truly scared me, I realised that if I’d have been crushed under its wheels no one would have a scooby who I was. I don’t carry my wallet with me as I don’t carry money, (other than some small change) as I can’t trust myself to not get crap food. So consequently I haven’t any ID.

I brought this from Amazon so I’m always identifiable. It’s a self adhesive label/container type thing that you stick to your lid and carries a small piece of paper that has your ID, address, medical info, contact details and Next of Kin info on it. A brilliant idea. Now I can go out on my bike and get killed with impunity safe in the knowledge that my loved ones will be informed post haste.

This is what it looks like on my lid.

And a close up.

The little kit comes with various other little reflective stickers that you can sprinkle liberally over your lid for even better visibility. What I would say is to use some little alcohol wipes or similar to clean your lid before you stick the stuff onto your lid. I’m sure the adhesive is sufficient, but better to be safe than sorry.

I’d recommend them to anyone.


12 responses to “Overslept big style!

  1. Robin Crampton

    You hinted yesterday that you were struggling to keep up the focus. So don’t be supprised, its disapointing when you fail to live up to the standards you set yourself, but no one else thinks any less of you. Don’t beat yourself up, your an inspiration to a lot of us, who do a lot less than you.

  2. This bubble fingered idiot just typed out a brilliant comment, but then hit a button, which one, I don’t know, but obviously the wrong one, because my computer shut down and I lost it all! Doah!!!! To sum up, conditions for us cyclists on the roads seem to be getting far worse, in my experience, as the nonchallance of drivers increases towards our wellbeing. This has a direct link, in my opinion, to the sudden big increase in numbers of cycle commuters. Whereas I used to see the odd one, a few months ago, now I see more than a dozen on my route. Consequently drivers are taking less care, they all believe they are experts and so time and again cut us up etc., thinking they haven’t caused us a problem. Then obviously there’s the lack of patience they show, which I don’t understand, but their comprehension of the situation is very poor, and I feel they just see us as ……”Oh not another one!”. For me it’s been so bad lately that I’m considering getting off the road as much as possible, and sticking to the canal towpath re Then of course I’ll only have to worry about those stupid pedestrians, and their dogs, who think they own the path itself and treat it as a dog latrine. Cheers. By the way my original comment was mush shorter, to the point, witty, well brilliant really, sadly lost in the ether.

  3. Sorry, I do go on!

  4. Cheers fellers! 🙂

  5. As it happens, I have a basket with 2 items already on Amazon, so my next job is to add a 3rd! I love the sticker thingy, what an excellent idea – as long as my head isn’t completely crushed my OH will know where I am…. 😉

    p.s. The other 2 things in my Amazon basket are: Derren Brown’s “Tricks of the mind” – the most excellent non-fiction I’ve probably ever read and subsequently had stolen; and the new Foo Fighters album – the most excellent new album this year, I’m confident it’ll turn out to be.

  6. Glad you like, new Foo Fighters album eh? Hmm…

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  8. My google reader doesn’t show comments. My first reaction when I read this was exactly Robin’s point. On long rides I’ve learned when I start to feel angry, frustrated or cranky it’s almost certainly time for nourishment and rest. On a larger scale, the daily exertion, twice a day, must be fed with adequate grub and rest. Eventually your body will demand what it needs.

    That last clip in the vid where you turned left, was your intent to turn there or was that a necessary defensive move to avoid the numnuts who cut you off?

    I had a similar issue this A.M. I had a green light to go straight when a car in the opposite direction ran her left red arrow to cut across, she saw me in time, but I was vulnerable, slow just accelerating across the intersection and she was about to t-bone me, really nowhere to turn by the time I saw it coming.

  9. Hi Mike, I was turning left and indicating to do so. She obviously didn’t care and just went!

  10. Very nice. I use RoadID. I’ve never seen the product you use before and I kinda like it over my bracelet.

  11. Hello my name is Milton and I stared mnt biking most of my miles are in pavement 12 miles everyday commute to work
    what weight did you start in and what are you now ?
    what tips would you give me I am about 300lbs now I am riding about 5 times a week
    my email greenmonkeystudio@gmail.com

  12. Hi Milton,

    if you look at my “progress so far” page then all the info you need is there. Thanks for visiting. Good luck with your weight loss.

    The only advice that is useful to you is “Don’t ever stop!”

    There’s no “one size fits all” solution. But basically eat less, (the most important bit) and excercise more.

    @Steve – They are pretty cool aren’t they!

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