Tuesday…’nuff said…

If you’re a regular around these parts then you’ll probably know that my least favourite day is Tuesday. Today was a good example of why I’ve never quite got to grips with them. I woke up on time, but just didn’t want to move. The reality of the working week hit home as it always does on a Tuesday and persuaded me to roll over and go back to sleep. So half an hour later when I woke up again late for work I had to drag myself metaphorically kicking and screaming out of bed and onto my bike in a rush. I don’t do rushing. I like a pre prepped easy leisurely start and to arrive everywhere I go in good time. I’m the sad bloke that would rather arrive an hour early than be 5 minutes late. A fatal flaw I know, but that’s me.

I got my bike out the garage, noticed the clear skies and started to cheer up a bit. It was pretty nippy due to the clear skies, but even in shorts and T-Shirt I knew I’d warm up with the climb over Frankley Beeches 5 minutes into my pedal to work.

This was the sight that greeted me near the top.

A pretty impressive pre dawn silhouette of the famous (famous around Birmingham that is) Beech trees themselves.

The rest of pedal in got rid of the traditional Tuesday slough of despond and I only have to negotiate the rest of the day to have another Devil Day behind me.

Going back to last Friday’s missive where I sorted a fellow cyclists chain out, I was very pleased to see that Jon took the time to comment on the blog yesterdayand let me know that he got to work ok, which was damned decent of him! Thanks for doing that Jon, always nice to know the outcome of a situation. Glad you bike will get sorted too!


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