Friday wash up.

Quite a bit to talk about today.

Let’s do the main thing first. Weight is still 15 stones 4Ib, no change from last week. Mileage is 111 miles, 27 of them leisure miles to stick on to Phill’s April 100 sheet. The upper body and core excercises are still being done religiously too. Good week with the old grub as well.

Tomorrow may be a bit tricky with intake, but I’ll save it until then to tell you about!

The 30 days of biking is going well, a pedal every day, either a leisure pedal, my usual commute or a play around the block with Dan. Team Loving the Bike  which I’m pedalling for isn’t doing too badly with it’s competition against Bicycle Radio. It’s quite good fun, I’ve connected with a lot of cyclists that I didn’t know before and having some good cyber banter with them.

On to that near miss with the Woodfields Topsoil truck on Wednesday that I posted the video of. I emailed the company with a link to the video voicing my concerns and recieved this off the MD.

Hi Clive

Very sorry to hear you had a near miss with one of our lorries,

we take the standard of our drivers very seriously and only recruit personnel through stringent tests before recruiting.

I have spoken to the driver of the vehicle, who is a family man himself he is fully apologetic and would never intentionally

get too close as a vehicle on the opposite side cut up his right  hand side.

I do apologies Clive and am glad that nobody was injured.

Yours sincerely


Arthur Woodfield
tel:  01676 540330
fax: 01676 540370

I’m happy with that. I liked what he said and I’ll take it on trust that what he said is true.

Onto today, I am working from home so I got up very late for me at 0615hrs and decided to go for an easy 10 or 12 miles avoiding any hills of note. I went around Longbridge, via Kings Norton and Cotteridge, past the Cadbury’s factory then stopped at a park for a quick drink and photo opportunity as I saw a great sunrise.

And I saw a shadow of my former self.

After I pedalled off the park the last bit of ride took me my usual Bristol Road commuting route home. I was pedalling past the Orthapedic Hospital when I saw this. Sods law dictated that my helmet cam’s batteries ran out right at this point. But I hope you can see a cyclist in Hi Vis gear carrying his bike up the hill towards Northfield.

I pedalled past and asked if he was ok and needed help. I had got a full tool kit with me as usual and I was expecting a puncture situation. The guy told me his rear derailleur had snapped off the frame. Oh shit I thought, that’s tough luck I can’t do anything about that, wished him well and carried on pedalling, a few yards up the road I remembered I had a chain splitter so I turned round and pedalled back.

The blokes name was John, who was pedalling to Droitwich from Great Barr to pick a car up for work and was taking the opportunity to get a nice pedal in on his lovely Carbon Fibre Spesh with a Shimano 105 groupset. I said I could probably get him going by splitting his chain, taking the wrecked mech off, losing a few links and rejoining the chain on some suitable cogs. If it didn’t work he was nearly at Northfield where he was going to get a taxi anyway, so what had he got to lose by me trying to get him pedalling again.

He agreed, so I set about the repair and amazingly enough it worked. I had done a similar thing on my MTB in Wales years ago so I had got previous! With the chain rejoined, John wrapped the cable around his bottle cage so it was out of the way and we were off!

We pedalled chatting together through Northfield down to Rubery where he said thank you and we said our goodbyes, he carried on down the A38 towards Bromsgrove and Droitwich and I peeled off towards my house. I asked him to log on here later to let me know if he made it! A nice bloke and I hope he does let me know if my bodge worked. He did have a great bike though!

But unfortunately as usual my mission focus thing took over and I completely forgot to take any photos. Sorry about that.

I finished my pedal off feeling pretty good that I’d helped a fellow cyclist out. A good way to start the day.


7 responses to “Friday wash up.

  1. Great post Clive with good pics. The truck company seem genuine and it’s good to see such a quick response. I’m sure that John will be on later, we’ll done for helping I’m sure he’ll have been well pleased.

  2. It is so great to have you on Team #LovingtheBike for the #30daysofbiking challenge. I think you’re the only UK representative on our team so it’s nice to see you representing so well. Keep up with all the great photos and stories and we’ll have one big celebration when we beat Bicycle Radio. Best of all though, this is a lot of fun and it’s great to see everyone on their bikes.


  3. Perhaps this a cultural issue, but I do not find an email apology from someone in the company to be sufficient. The driver is reportedly apologetic – then he should apologize to you personally, not through someone in his company (I couldn’t tell what Mr. Woodfield’s position was in the company. Given his name, I presume he is the owner).

    Email is the least formal way to communicate. If the driver could not meet you personally, then a written letter and/or phone call would have been far more preferable than a email note from someone who is not the driver.

    He did almost kill you, didn’t he?

  4. Cycling is nothing if not an occasional test for ingenuity. Nice save knitting his chain back together.

  5. Hi Clive,

    I just wanted to say a MASSIVE THANKYOU for appearing out of the blue at 6.50am on the morning of Friday 8th April 2011.

    The fix worked well and I managed to get to Droitwich Spa pretty much on time.

    Although I felt like chucking the mech away at the time for letting me down, I was glad I didn’t. Specialized Concept Store at Fort Dunlop took it off me on Saturday to fix. They said that it was not an uncommon fault, and that the alloy arm is engineered to snap in the event of an accident to avoid damaging the gears. The mech was undamaged, so it must work. They also said that owing to some discolouration in the alloy it was clear that I had been riding with it damaged for some time!

    It must have got damaged in the summer when my mate went into the back of me at 25mph.

    We were riding along country lanes between Shenstone and Stonall (up past Aldridge) on a beautiful summers day, and Martin was drafting me when this bloke just stepped out in front of us waving his arms around and shouting like there had been an accident. I just reacted and hit the brakes, forgetting that Mart was six inches from my back wheel!

    We went over and slid about ten feet in a tangled mess. Shirts and shorts ripped, cut, bruised and bleeding but the bikes were fine (or so I thought). I had to stop Marting from ripping the poor blokes head off, who was now very contrite mumbling apologies trying to take in the scene of devestation before him.

    “What was the bloody emergency then?” I asked,

    “oh……. er…….. which way to Stonall?”


    I’m going to take two things from this;
    Always get your bike checked over once you’ve taken a dive,
    Carry the right tools

    Anyway. A massive thank you again. The roads were empty at that time in the morning, and I didn’t expect anyone to stop. And yet Clive did. What a TOP BLOKE! He stopped, asked me about my bike and then came back to offer assistance! I think I hesitated because I didn’t know what to say. People don’t usually stop to offer you help. But worked patiently on my bike for a good twenty minutes ruining his own gloves and getting covered in oil in the process. Clive is a diamond geezer for stopping to help a stranger on a cold Friday morning, and my girlfriend reckons he’s an angel.

    Thanks fella, ride safe


  6. Thanks Jon, it was a pleasure, glad it worked and you could crack on.

    Oh and while I’m at it, can you get your girlfriend to have a word with my missus please? 😉

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