Week begins again…

Here we are again. Or as we say here, “same sh*t different day”. Sometimes work just gets in the way of enjoying yourself.

But at least I have the added advantage of enjoying a pedal to and from work. Commuting by bike really does mean you have to ride your bike. Since I got rid of my own car the safety net has gone and with it a change in mindset. I no longer get up and have the little battle about driving or pedalling, I just accept that it’s the bike. Indeed, I no longer even think about it. I bet if you really gave it some serious thought, you could commute by bike too. It just needs the will and a bit of planning.

Anyway, here’s me at work this morning at shit o hundred hours or stupid O’Clock. Actually it was 0545hrs, but who’s counting?

I’ve just checked the met. And I quote “A brisk South Westerly and rain developing for the West Midlands later in the day”. Oh joy…

What was I saying about commuting by bike?


One response to “Week begins again…

  1. I hear what you say and I like it, but we’re( her indoors and me) a one car, one driver family, herself is a chauffeur driven kind of gal, so giving up the 4 wheels isn’t really an option, even though we both have our free bus passes. I haven’t used mine yet, had it for 3 weeks now, obviously I prefer to pedal. AS FAR AS WORK IS CONCERNED, COMMUTING ON THE BIKE IS THE VERY BEST PART OF IT. No matter what the weather throws at you, except for that pesky ice.

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