Bikey day for me and Dan

Had a good day yesterday with the kids organising a slap up feed for wifey for Mother’s Day. How’s this for a menu?


Crab meat stuffed field mushrooms with breadcrumb and parsley topping


Roast sirloin of Dexter beef

Purple sprouting Brocolli

Roast Artichokes

Roast Parsnip



Lemon Cheesecake

Fay is doing the starter. Main is my territory, Beef will be rare, of course with a red wine gravy made from the cooking juices and stock veg. To be honest, Dexter beef is that fantastic, I didn’t really want to cook it! But I must defer to the family. Dan is going to serve the cheesecake. I don’t mind mashed cheesecake truth be told.

The bike maintenance went fine. My MTB commuter is all clean and me and Dan went for a bimble around the streets afterwards as part of the 30 days of biking  thing.

My bike bike before the attention.

My bike after the clean with Dan on the pedal.

Dan did get a bit carried away, here he is disappearing into the distance!


2 responses to “Bikey day for me and Dan

  1. I’m salivating after reading the menu, but what’s “Dexter” when it’s at home? I’m still up to date with the 30 day challenge, enjoy your maintenance and ride. Cheers

  2. Hiya mate,

    Dexter Cattle are a small sized rare breed Cattle. We have a few farms locally that keep them. Best beef I’ve ever tasted. Have a Google of them. Quite interesting, I know a few farms in the Brecons and Pembrokeshire keep them too. Worth seeking out for that special roast dinner!

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