30 Days of Biking is here, Day 1!

I was up at the crack of Sparrow fart to get in my first pedal for the 30 days of biking challenge. I won’t bore you with the details as I’m sure you know them.

I was out in the dark and heading to the Lickey Hills. A pull to the top as usual.

The lights of Rubery were shining out below.

Once at the top the mist descended making photos a bit difficult.

I was pretty happy though!

The canal was next, again the mist was an issue for piccy taking…

I just loved the name on this Narrow Boat parked up at Hopwood.

It was a bit early for a pint of ale though.

A cracking pedal for around 12 miles. The wind and the rain didn’t matter. Just a great time!



11 responses to “30 Days of Biking is here, Day 1!

  1. I must say I envy you so much mate,Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. Why? What have I done?

  3. How is it that you’ve come to know when Sparrow’s fart? And why do you set your schedule to it? Just wondering….

  4. It’s less intrusive than an alarm clock Mike, if a bit more smellly! 😉

  5. One down 29 to go! Way to start us off right!

  6. It’s nothing you have done mate, it’s me sitting here with this broken wrist (looks like the bone as set in the wrong place) that’s more time off the bike. That’s were the envy comes into it

  7. Ah right, ok, heal quick feller!

  8. Awesome….it’s great to have you on the team, mate.


  9. Sorry, but I’ve not been reading blogs much lately, so what’s the 30 days of biking challenge? I’m guessing it’s committing oneself to cycling everyday for 30 days? If so I’ll just pop out for a quick spin now. Do we tot up the miles? I envy you your ride this morning Clive, I had to forego my commute to my nightshift last evening, so haven’t been on the bike today, so far anyway, just off to put that right. Cheers.

  10. Hey Clive. I am in the same boat as welshcyclist. I haven’t been following along lately, so would like more details on your challenge. I’m very interested.


    Big Clyde

  11. Gents, google 30 days of biking, I’m sure all will become clear. Basically pedal every day in April in any shape or form. Whether a small trip to the shops, round the block with the kids or a mega epic. It’s up to you!

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