25 miles before breakfast! Am I mad?

A change of pace and blog type today.

Instead of typing, here’s me waffling on this morning’s pedal.

And the route:



14 responses to “25 miles before breakfast! Am I mad?

  1. What! no make up for the camera?, that made a nice change no ad libbing straight from the heart, good for you mate ,let’s have more

  2. nice one!

  3. I speak the Queen’s English, in my head.

    Bugger me I’m just a Brummie! What a disappointment! Very proud of the old accent though… 😉

  4. yam! yam! lol

  5. That’s fighting talk Mr Walsall, I’m a Brummie! Definately not a Yam Yam. Who as you’re probably aware come from the Black country, which by coincidence so does the place that has the same name as your Surname.

  6. I love your videos and great to see it today. It looks like you’re all set and ready to start #30daysofbiking tomorrow. I’m so happy to have you on the team, Clive.


  7. Ta Darryl, looking forward to cracking on!

  8. Okay, you guilted me in to it. I’m in for the 30 day thing. The registration form seemed a little off. But after two or three tries I got to a point where it said thanks for signing up. Looking forward to it.

  9. Sorry about that mate,to tell the truth I, am only down the road in Walsall (yam yam )and all that, no offence I hope
    Andy (Walsall)

  10. Haha! No offence Andy! 🙂

  11. Good to put a face, and a proper accent, to a name and a Twitter handle.

  12. Very nice, although the comments section has forced me to google “Brummie!”

  13. Much easier to say than Birminghamians like the good folk from Alabama do Steve!

  14. Good stuff. Those days when I really don’t feel like riding, or exercising of any kind, but force myself to do it, are always the ones that give ne the greatest sense of satisfaction. It lets you know that you were strong enough to overcome a barrier that’s in your way.

    Keep on pedalling Clive!

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