Back on the road

But not my road bike, I came in this morning via Bristol Road and 5 Ways. None of the advertised rain showed up which was nice. Did the pedal in a fairly brisk time too. Still pitch black though.

Yesterday was a very mix and match pedal home. Due to the canal being closed in 2 places I came off the cut at 5 Ways and went via Birmingham University, around the new Selly Oak By-Pass by the new QE Hospital and eventually came through Shenley Fields and the hard way over Frankley Beeches. It was good seeing some roads I haven’t seen for a while. The pull up the Beeches is tiring while you’re doing it, but didn’t have any negative effects on me at all and I got in feeling pretty good.

Excercises nailed when I dived in the house, then relax.

I’m working from home for the rest of the week from tomorrow, so it’ll be up for a pre work pedal both days. I already have a germ of an idea for a route tomorrow morning. Should be around the 20 mile mark over roads I haven’t seen since I used to pedal to Land Rover at Solihull back in the late 90s.


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