Life…Don’t talk to me about life…

A very crappy day yesterday. I had to pedal home at 0900hrs because of a drama. All sorted. ‘Nuff said there. Very crappy though.

The pedal in this morning was interupted by yet another towpath closure. It’s now no longer worth using the canal because of the 2 closures. So I had to pedal in on the road. Yet more crappiness, and the hits they keep on coming.

Sorry for the whinging, sometimes you just have to! I’ll leave it there for today…


2 responses to “Life…Don’t talk to me about life…

  1. Hang in there. As we say in the States (in typically-butchered English), “Ain’t nothing but a thing.”

  2. Know how you feel Clive, had to deal with them as well, just part of life’s fruity mixture. If you don’t whinge you just bottle it up and eventually go bang, been there done that and had to clear the mess up afterwards 😦

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