Temporary Blindness…

Well, that’s what I thought I had this morning. After a week of seeing the dawn rise and pedalling in daylight, riding in the dark after the clocks went forward an hour yesterday was a shock.

It won’t be for long though. Added on to the dark was a nasty fog along the canal, just as well it was dark, I couldn’t see the fog properly!

My ride was its usual solitary trip with no-one to bug me or try to end my 47 years on the planet. Which was nice.

Just thought I’d finish off with a picture of what I imagine is a typical “modern” cyclist’s desk with all of the gadgets plugged in.

And so another week begins…


2 responses to “Temporary Blindness…

  1. It was a surprise for me too. Waking up at 6am it was still dark but not totally. There was lots of grey cloud so it wasn’t that light when I set off at 7am. At least on a clear day the sun will be up by the time I start my rides.

  2. Happy 48th mate 🙂

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