Albrecht DV 100 Helmet Cam

As I’ve mentioned in a past few posts my Muvi Helmet Cam died a while ago, I had it repaired by the Geeks at works but it completely died not long afterwards. I brought a Muvi Clone for a tenner that didn’t last long either so I’ve been helmet cam less for a weeks now.

About a 3 weeks ago I bought this from Amazon a Albrecht DV 100 helmet Cam.

I’ve been using it for 3 weeks so I could assess its usability before posting this review.

It arrives packaged like this. I’ve put my Garmin next to it for a size indicator.

Inside the kit is crammed in like this:

Which contains various strapping, O rings (more on them later), velcro attachments, USB cable, camera and manual.

Here’s the kit out of the box.

Here’s the camera with a Muvi for comparison. It is small!

Here’s the beast with a ruler for actual measurement.

That’s the kit, let’s get all nitty gritty with it.

Basically this is how you use it, you plug the thing in via a standard USB cable to charge it. Your PC recognises it at the same time and delivers a VIDEO folder in your My Computer folder. Usual drill really.  Go into the VIDEO folder and you’ll need to create a text file in there. This is for setting the time date settings. It needs to be set in this format. If the present time here is 0830hrs exactly on the 26th of March 2011, which coincidentally it is, then you’ll need to format the time date text like this: 20110326083000 save the file in the video folder and job done.

Well it should be.

Problem number 1. No matter how many times I did this it would never set correctly on the footage. Usually the time wouldn’t be correct. But on occasions the date would be incorrect to. Not good.

Onto operation.

As you can see in the photos, there are 2 buttons. One button at the front is slightly proud of the camera body. This is on/off/record. The second button at the rear of the camera is flush with the body and it’s the reset button. which resets the camera back to factory settings. There is a small LED at the front at the top to indicate operation.

To operate the camera press the on/off/record button for approx 1 second. The camera switches on the green/blue LED activates the camera will then take 3 – 4 seconds to initialise. After the initialisation, the green LED flashes once then the blue LED will come on and flash every second to indicate recording.

To switch off press the on/off/record button for 2 – 3 seconds both green and blue LED switches off then the device is off.

Seems simple doesn’t it?

Problem number 2. Now I don’t know whether I have a faulty unit or I’m doing something wrong, but when I come to turn it on, sometimes it will turn on, which is fine, then the blue LED will stay solidly on and I can’t even turn the bloody thing off without pressing the reset button! That means factory settings, redating the text file, not that that matters anyway, but more importantly no filming!

If it does this after I’ve turned it off successfully after a pedal where I’ve filmed and I come to download the footage, it basically means the film is lost. It is very frustrating. This occurs randomly, indicating that maybe I’ve a faulty unit. Dunno yet.

Onto the fun stuff. Here’s the thing attached to my helmet.

And a plan view.

It has a rear mounted internal microphone, which is not that great. You can swap the rear end cap for a solid one without the mesh for the microphone if you’re using it in 10 meter deep water, hence the spare O rings I mentioned earlier. If you use the end cap with the mike mesh then it is just waterproof not IP rated.

Heres some footage I took last week. Typically an assassination attempt by bus!

Here is more dicing with death through Selly Oak.

Conclusion, for £106 it ain’t worth it. Footage is just ok, sound is crap, and the operation is iffy at best. I’ve been using for 3 weeks now and I’m not impressed.

Sorry Albrecht it’s not great. I wouldn’t buy one again.


4 responses to “Albrecht DV 100 Helmet Cam

  1. Excellent review, but just one question please. How do you find the KF01108 ruler compared to others you may have come across? 😉

  2. Hello mate; How long did you have the Muvi for, I only ask because I have one (for about twelve months now), how long can I expect it to last for? Did you enjoy your booze last night?

  3. Spooky, I have a CAMsports Nano that looks identical to that Albrecht . . .

    I agree with all you’re saying; this is the first camera I’ve bought so nothing to compare against. The sound is simply a roar, and sometimes the laptop doesn’t recognise the camera so have to unplug/ plug again. Didn’t know about the text file thing so I may give that a go – annoying not having reasonably accurate time/ date on the files.

    Good review mate 🙂

  4. Ruler is fine Rafe, for a few pence well worth it!

    Andy, my Muvi lasted about 6 months. Beer was lovely, Dodford did me proud again!

    Dave, it is very unreliable. Not great. I’ve looked at yours on Wiggle, it does look like mine is either a re-branded Camsport, or yours is a re-branded Albrecht…

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