20 miles before breakfast…

I’m working from home today. So I was up at the crack of Sparrow Fart as usual and did a 20 miler to Edgbaston Tunnel and back.

Cold conditions but very clear. Ideal pedalling weather if you ask me. Nothing of note occcurred other than a spectacular sunrise over Selly Oak.

That photo was taken at the same spot I took the photo of the clock tower yesterday. In real life the sun was a beautiful fiery orange ball. It doesn’t look so spectacular in the photo, quite disappointing really. Any photography advice gratefully recieved. My digi compact camera is a Olympus X-875.

The pedal home yesterday was superb, sun, shorts, T-Shirt, Mitts. All cycling should be like that!

Working from home tomorrow too, so another pre work pedal will be done.

2 responses to “20 miles before breakfast…

  1. Well done on the pedal, it’s bloody hard to get a good picture of the sun like that, I’ll check a couple of facts out and drop you a mail on the subject

  2. Cheers mate, that’d be brilliant if you could!

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