Added intrigue

On my pedal home last night along the canal I found that the towpath was closed for building work. Bummer. Added bummer for 8 weeks! This means that I now need to find a new route home on my MTB commuter. The towpath is closed between 0730hrs and 1730hrs, so it only affects my evening pedal home.

I came off the canal by the Nautical Club the scene of a few Rememberence Day festivities when I was in the Army. (Thanks Matelots). Anyway, I’m digressing. I could see a direct route home down the Ring Road and up the Bristol Road. Very heavy traffic, I knew there was a back road, but I wasn’t quite sure exactly which way to get me back on the canal past the building work. So map studying today to nail the route home.

Another yearly first this morning too! Mitts instead of full fingered gloves, no waterproof socks, just normal socks and a T-Shirt over my base layer instead of my Hi-Vis jacket! Whoop whoop! Spring is here!

How good is that?


2 responses to “Added intrigue

  1. I’m a proper wuss when it comes to the cold. I’ve still needed my overshoes, buff, wooly gloves and two pairs of socks on my rides in and home. I saw a bloke with shorts and t-shirt riding this morning!

  2. Robin Crampton

    I am in the same camp as Toby, its May before my shorts come out. I have been in the Mitts instead of gloves this week however. There is a guy that works at our company who has worn shorts all winter.

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