By Dawn’s early light…

A bit of a first this year, and a good first to boot. I finished my morning commute in daylight. Proper daylight. The first tweaks of light were coming from the East when I set off at 0510hrs but total daylight at the finish. Good news.

The photo above was taken this morning at about 0550hrs just past Brindley Place heading towards Smethwick. NCR5 is on the other side of the cut. It’s the start of the industrial section on the canal. Not pretty but still nice and quiet.

It looks like I’ll be enjoying the daylight until the clocks go forward at the end of the month. But the light mornings will soon be back.

I know yesterday’s rugby post was a bit of a downer regarding England, but the good rugby news on Saturday was that my club Bees beat our deadly local rivals Moseley (spit) with a last minute try at their place by Bees and England 7s player Simon Hunt. I have no love at all for Moseley which goes way back into the amateur days of rugby in Birmingham. And the lack of love is widespread, hence the amount of Birmingham rugby folk of around my age who support Leicester Tigers. Back in the 70s we could not bring ourselves to cheer for Moseley even though they were the only local senior side.

I won’t bore you with their list of crimes against rugby and junior clubs as it’s very political and historical. They publish a weekly newsletter called “Moseley Matters”. We always say it should be called “Moseley Matters and f*** all else does”. That sounds like I’m bitter, actually I am!

Suffice it to say, their defeat by my club on Saturday was manna from heaven for me and couldn’t have happened to nicer bunch of people!


2 responses to “By Dawn’s early light…

  1. I’m glad I commute at a sensible time as I’ve had daylight for a little while now. I couldn’t cope with the darkness for as long as you!

  2. Ahh, but I’ve never commute home in the dark like you fellers! 🙂

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