30 days in April

I’m sure most of you will, have seen 30 days of biking on Twitter, Facebook or other Social Media. If you have, I hope you’ve signed up! I have.

It’s about riding your bike every day in April. Not necessarily epic trips, although that would be good, but commuting, a pootle to the shops or whizzing round the block with your kids all count. If time is against you, drag old faithful out of the garage and get that bit of shopping at the corner shop by bike. Why not?

I’m looking forward to seeing the Tweets, the Facebook stuff and maybe even Blogs about it.

I’ll be back posting every day from today for a while. The occupying task has eased off a bit, but ironically, it will probably be back with avengeance in, er, April. Should make the 30 days in April thing a bit of a challenge and test wifey’s patience a tad, but hey ho, live dangerously I say!


6 responses to “30 days in April

  1. @Clive….hmmm yes I have just signed up…..And its good to see you back, I hope the secret thing is going well.

  2. Pain in the arse truth be told John. Just want it over now. But probably a month or so left before I’ll feel comfortable mentioning it out loud. Don’t want to tempt fate etc…

  3. Toby sent me an invite via FB earlier for the 30 days in April, Im fairly sure I shall give it a try! Glad you are back for a bit!

  4. Cheers feller, see? There’s that “try” thing again! 😉

    I’m back for a bit every day, then I’ll be off again for a while at the resolution of this pain in the arse. Then normal service as usual.

  5. I’m sure gonna give it a go. I hope to have my first 500 mile month!

  6. Hey Clive, good to see #30daysofbiking getting exposure over in the UK. I did it last year when they ran the first one last April. I missed out on the second one in September because we were in the middle of moving over here to Texas. I’ve been a supporter of this event since I first heard about it and will be posting about it next Tuesday to help them kick things off.


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