This weekend’s 6 Nations.

A bit of a funny weekend for the 6 Nations tournament this one. The games today, Italy v France and Wales v Ireland are both playing for the places rather than the Holy Grail of the Grand Slam. For you non rugby fans that means winning all your games in the tournament. Only England are in a position to do that at the moment. And without wanting to come across as the cliched “arrogant Englishman” it would be an upset of monumental proportions if Scotland came to Twickenham tomorrow and won.

Scotland are honest toilers, nothing more. Their defence can leak tries alarmingly and their attack is almost as toothless as Italy’s. I’ve been through both England’s line up and Scotland’s line up and I am stuggling to see where on a man to man basis they’re better than England. But, as we all know Rugby is the ultimate team game. It’s not about individuals as the press would have you believe.

If, and it’s a massive if, Scotland go all “Remember Bannockburn” and England have a bit of a “Dunkirk” type day at the office then there may be a shock result. But I’m predicting another “Culloden Moor“, the Scots will come out breathing fire and screaming the rugby equivalent of “Freedom!” at the English and give it beans for the first 10 minutes, but in all reality I believe they will blunt themselves on the English thin red line and end up getting massacacred by the English attack.

England by at least 20 points I think, if it’s less than that then the Scots will certainly take that. I somehow don’t think they’ll be “sending us home tae think again…”

France will beat Italy in Rome by probably 15 points, and the Wales v Ireland game is already being spiced up by Warren Gatland the Wales manager, who has accused the Irish of being serial cheats and conceding 34 penalties in the tournament so far. Err, Warren, Wales have conceded 36…Ooops!

This one is too close to call, could do with Ireland winning as if Wales beat them then they’ll turn up next week in Dublin against England  more fired up than usual. C’mon Ireland!


2 responses to “This weekend’s 6 Nations.

  1. I’m not sure which french team turned up in Rome, but it sure was not the winning team. As an arm chair spectator I thought Italy played a very spirited game and beat a very plain un-exciting french team. The Wales Ireland game had me yawning, I don’t think either team deserved to win. Are you going to the ireland match next week??

  2. A good summing up Tim.

    More’s the pity, no I’m not, but I was there in 2003 with my old Army mates for England’s last Grand Slam. Great weekend. A lot of Guinness waas sunk! 🙂

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