A quick hello

Just popped in very quickly to let you know that one of the big things I’ve been working on has come into fruition, not bike but rugby related. See link here. We’re very pleased to say the least!

The other thing is still on going. Just to put things into perspective, it’s not bike, weight or rugby related and will not interest anyone I’m guessing, but it matters hugely to the Chapman Clan and I have a superstition that if I say it out loud it won’t happen!

Daft I know, but that’s me. It is bloody time consuming though.


10 responses to “A quick hello

  1. Congratulations, a great achievement!

  2. Well done on the rugby-related achievement.

    The other (time consuming) thing; trying for another child? 😉

  3. Great job Coach! Nothing better than team sports to turn rowdy young kids in to accomplished young adults.

  4. Thanks everyone. Oh and Dave, Wifey has had me fixed…

  5. Nicely done. Seems a brutal sport for tough guys. I doubt I’d be up to the challenge!

  6. Clive :Thanks everyone. Oh and Dave, Wifey has had me fixed…


  7. Well done on the rugby Clive, maybe the big news is wifey is having you unfixed…………….. 😮

  8. Not while I have breath in my body Tim, the original “fixing” was traumatic enough. Never again, means, NEVER AGAIN!

    Oh and thanks BTW, 🙂

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