I won’t be posting too often or not at all for the next few weeks, due to the stuff happening here at home I alluded to a few weeks back.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be pedalling, excercising and watching what goes in the old gob. But, time is most certainly my enemy for the next I don’t know how long.

If anything exciting happens I’ll drop by and disco it. But detailed posts won’t be occuring for a while. When everything has resolved itself and calmed down, you’d all best get your reading glasses ready!


5 responses to “Stuff

  1. Looking forward to the big news. Stay well.

  2. Keep on pedalling and I’ll watch for your updates when you’re able to get on the blog. Cheers, mate.


  3. Missing you already!

  4. Kick butt. You can stay busy, but I expect complete rugby reports so I can continue to amaze the Coalition Officers at my work. Thanks in advance!

  5. Hmmmm nothing to read….No body is updating blog’s any-more…

    Good luck with the tip top secret 🙂

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