A year on…

How fast has that gone eh? A year ago today I rode my new Giant Defy 2 to work for the first time! I can remember it well! Here’s the tale of it.

Aside from some new wheels very early doors, it has been a paragon of easy pedalling and reliable rides. It’s interesting, I looked back at my times from those early pedals on it and they haven’t improved any, not that I’m too bothered. Time on the bike and weight loss is what I’m about. I won’t be doing any TTs or competitive events at all.

I was thinking about my pedals this week. There has been a nasty NE wind all week and this has meant a head wind on the way to work which is mainly downhill and a tail wind home which is mainly uphill. The wind has been pretty constant this week unusually so I have some steady times to analyse.

It’s amazing just how much the wind influences your pedals. Without boring you with reams of data the basics are this.

My normal rough time to work on the quickest road bike route is 35 minutes and my normal rough time home on the quickest road bike route is 45 minutes. Those times are minus wind.

Add on the normal prevailing wind of a South Westerly, so that’s tail wind downhill to work and a head wind uphill home and these are the normal times. To work 30 minutes, to home 50 minutes.

This week with the unusual North Easterly wind direction both journeys are approximately 40 minutes. Amazing what the weather does to you on a bike. Something you never consider in a car or on a motorbike.

Sorry if that was boring, just something that struck me while I was pedalling this morning.

The upper body and core stuff is going well and yet more iron will displayed in the face of wifey’s delicious toad in the hole when seconds were offered. It is tough sometimes!


8 responses to “A year on…

  1. Don’t time fly when you are having fun, ps, can’t you get tablets for the wind?
    cheers mate

  2. Certainly not boring, the same thing has struck me, more than once, too damned lazy to post about it. I envy you your iron will, I salivate just reading about toad in the hole. The year flies by on a bike. Cheers.

  3. Happy 1st anniversary Clive! Time does indeed fly. Ive often wondered the difference with the wind on my rides, although it is great riding in totally still conditions, but I always feel I have had a much better work-out after doing a few miles into the wind!

  4. Happy anniversary Clive! Or maybe we should call “Independence” day as we both know how liberating the weight loss is.

  5. Yeah, time sure does fly. Keep up all the great work…on and off the bike.


  6. Thank you gentlemen. Fancy this old MTBer having a road bike for a year!

  7. Wind is nasty stuff. I’ve read that after hills, it is the single biggest drain of energy for a cyclist. Nothing I’ve experienced tells me different. Further, the drag coefficient of wind increases with the SQUARE of its velocity, so when you have a stiff breeze (or you try increasing your speed) you REALLY feel its effects.

    Congratulations on one year and a great blog!

  8. Cheers Steve. 🙂

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