Sod’s Law and other things…

You may or may not remember me mentioning a few times that I find it difficult to stop when I’m pedalling to take photos. I tend to get “Mission orientated” and just crack on. To counter this I decided to carry a digital camera as my iPhone camera ain’t that great, with the reasoning that if I have an opportunity to take a better picture then I could and would.

This morning, at the top of the Beeches I had such an opportunity, hills, trees, fields and the lights of Birmingham and The Black Country spread out before me. So I did a very unusual thing for me and actually stopped to take a picture.

You all probably know the routine for taking a picture on a bike in winter. Get off the bike, gloves off, put gloves on handlebars, unzip jacket pocket, get camera out of pocket, take camera out of waterproof bag, put waterproof bag back in pocket, zip pocket back up etc etc. Then take the bloody picture!

Well, I would have done if the camera worked, it wouldn’t turn on. So I do a reverse process to put the camera away after a few failed attempts to operate the thing. I get to work after a pretty good pedal in and have a play with the camera. A flat battery and a card error! That’s Sod’s Law in full swing! No picture sorry.

Yesterday’s pedal home was a thing of rarity. A tail wind! I had a North Easterly helping me home all the way. Ok, a NE wind is a cold wind here in the UK, but it is a welcome addition to a commute home. It saved me a whole 6 minutes!

My upper body and core stuff done as well when I got in, along with good food discipline equates to a good weight loss centric start of the week!


3 responses to “Sod’s Law and other things…

  1. Prior Planning and Preperation Prevents-?


  2. Been there, got the T-shirt, as they say. That reminds me I’ve got to recharge my Smart light battery, it died on me, on my commute home. I have a backup powered by AA batteries, which won’t last long. PPPP, i.e., Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents, is quite hit and miss with me, tangled in my chaotic existence….as I am most certainly am.

  3. Fellers, I’m absolutely anal about my prep, I guess it’s my OCD kicking in or my military background.

    Sometimes shit happens!

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