End of the Month…

Monday again. They seem to be coming round with alarming speed now. A quick zip into work over the Beeches, nothing to report. Apart from a cheeky North headwind (cold).

I’m feeling ok and my leaden legs from last week seem to have appreciated the 3 days break.

A very good weekend of rugby in the 6 Nations. The games did go to form. Wales beat a workman like Italian side. What would the Italians give for a decent half back pairing eh? Totally clueless against an organised defence. But they had plenty of ball and did seem to be giving the Welsh a good game. But they were never in all reality going to win. The Welsh must be happy to have escaped from the Flaminio Stadium victorious. It was good to see Jamie Roberts get some form back and James Hook enjoyed his run out in what is in my opinion his strongest position. But I think Warren Gatland is being mischevious in the extreme by saying Wales can still win this years Championship. Only mathmatically Warren, only mathmatically!

Le Crunch lived up to its billing as the big game of the Championship so far. France came to Twickenham with the sole intent of beating the English up. Which to be honest they totally failed to do. To precis the game as quickly as possible: The English weathered the French onslaught in the first half, then changed the way they approached the breakdown in the second, scored a try and held on to win pretty comfortably in the end.

It was a proper test match, very intense, very physical and both teams went for it. A quick mention of Irish referee George Clancy. He has never been on my Christmas Card list to be fair, but credit where credit is due, he had a very good game, was consistent in his interpretation of the laws throughout the game, and what a shock, he actually refereed the scrums! Well done Mr Clancy.

Scotland v Ireland wasn’t the greatest advert for rugby, Ireland won, despite their best efforts to lose it. The game descended into a spectacle that resembled 2 sets of Old Age pensioners trying to mug each other. Not great. Andy Robinson and Declan Kidney have their work cut out to get some sort of performances from their respective teams.

The Championship now has a 2 week break, which hopefully will give the injured players time to recover.


3 responses to “End of the Month…

  1. Just been catching up on your posts, good reading! We’ve, her indoors and me, have been in Benidorm for a week. I went there mainly, to try and escape, hopelessly failing of course, my 60th birthday, I hate birthdays.

  2. Just updated the link, new MAMIL section available if you want catagorising. Been doing it for 5 years now so the site is getting a springclean.

  3. Categorise away Frank! 🙂

    @Welshie, hope you had a good time mate, Happy Birthday!

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