Roman Holiday

Wifey decided we’d go to Wroxeter Roman City yesterday. We like our history and as we knew that as the site was out doors it’d give the kids a bit of freedom to race around exploring.

The idea to visit this place came on the back of the Channel 4 TV program Rome wasn’t built in a day.

We watched this series which was about modern day builders trying to construct a Roman Villa using only Roman building methods. If you ignore the little bits of “reality TV” staged conflict it was utterly fascinating. The technology was brilliantly effective and the learning curve for the modern day workers massive.

Anyway, Wroxeter is only 45 minutes away from us near Shrewsbury so we thought we’d check it out!

A few piccies of the visit:

The site run by English Heritage is not that big. There is a Roman ruin across the lane from the new Villa which is the remnants of the old Roman City. It would have been in modern terms a City the size of Sheffield and a vital commercial and economic centre. It is 5 minutes from the new A5 which is the old Roman Road called Watling Street and used to  go from Dover to Holyhead.

The place is now suddenly very busy and the staff are looking harrassed. The power of TV!

Dan used a bit of birthday money on this.

Just thought I’d throw this in. A metal Dragon sculpture we saw down the road outside of a caravan sales place. I thought it was brilliant!

The rest of the day was about the Rugby. I watched England beat France in the Dodford. Banter was outstanding, as was the game. More on the Rugby in a future post.


2 responses to “Roman Holiday

  1. Been planning a trip up to Wroxeter myself since the TV proggy..

    I am up at Cosford at the end of March so I think I might have a little cycle down and have a shufty 🙂

  2. Great post and I loved the pics. It’s amazing what the Romans were able to build, isn’t it? A thousand years would pass before anything remotely resembling their work would appear again on your Blessed Isle. During my tour in Huntingdonshire, I became a member of English Heritage and loved the sites I visited.

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