Friday News flash!

It seems I’m rocking and rolling again, a step onto the instument of truth last night revealved a 6Ibs loss for the week, which while great, is an annoying 1Ib short of a 7 stones loss. Ah well next week eh?

I’m absolutely chuffed. After all weight loss is the name of my game. My cycling prowess seems to have levelled off with average speeds and times of journeys and such. But while that matters to some folks, it’s not the priority for me although as you know, I do love it!

I have been hyper strict since the chaos and madness of Christmas when I fell off the wagon big style. I’ve been nailing the food management, and pedalling as often as I can with the upper body and core stuff going on every day too. The food is still the drama though. My weight loss tailed off when I was eating at work. If 3 Shredded Wheat, or a bowl of soup or a bowl of porridge can be called eating. So I went back to what I did originally. Pedal in, pedal home, have a meal at home of an evening, but drink plenty of water during the day.

I’ll guarantee that people who know about such things will be about to put finger to keyboard to tell me that my eating nothing during the day isn’t what I should be doing. As someone who reads quite a bit about the subject, I’d agree. But, it doesn’t work for me. The figures prove it. I guess the “human factor” ie, everyone is different is to be applied to weight loss too. And apparently I am different!

Back to pedalling, we had an early visit from Spring yesterday. The sun was out, it was nice and warm and my pedal home was done with just an outer layer on for the first time this year. And very pleasant it was too! My averages and times were back up to where they normally are and I felt good. It seems the carnage of Wednesday’s pedal home was behind me. It must have been all those work meetings that day had sucked the life force from me!

I’m looking forward to a nice restful weekend now. Well, as restful as a Chapman weekend can be!


7 responses to “Friday News flash!

  1. AWESOME Dude

    Seems both you and I have hit form at the same time, after falling off the wagon at the same time, Im about to dip into the 13st area and this week I have broken almost every single PB of mine.

    Long may our new found form continue !!!!!

  2. Oh PS, also not eating till the evening does it for me too, I dont find it a cheat as I have NEVER eaten during the day, even when I was 40 stone !

  3. Thanks feller.

    It seems we’re all or nothing blokes Gaz. Do or do not eh?

  4. Good for you mate, pity about the weather this weekend in our neck of the woods, never mind..well done

  5. Nice work fellas. I might have to ask your advice on core workouts btw, I’m thinking of getting some proper core strengthening work done.

  6. Let me know when you want the advice Phill me old mukka!

  7. I completely agree with you about the food, the once size fits all approach to health and fitness doesn’t work for me either. I think my biggest problem is that once i start I have a hard time stopping.

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