Body wreck and bad news.

Yesterday’s pedal home was the worst 50 minutes I’ve ever spent on a bike in my whole life. The minute I set off from work I knew I was in trouble. I was ball bagged 100 meters down the road and I just got worse. My legs wouldn’t rotate, my breathing was all over the shop and to top it all I was even saddle sore! God knows what the matter with me was! Maybe it was the bloody meetings I had at work yesterday had knocked the shite out of me with terminal boredom!

It really was a world of hurt. When I got in I collapsed into my chair and didn’t move for 15 minutes, I didn’t even do my upper body and core stuff last night. Everything was aching, nothing was working. It felt even worse than I did the first time I pedalled all the way home back in October 2009! But I suppose you could take the positive that I toughed it out and actually did it.

Here’s the elevation profile of my route home. Ok, it’s mainly uphill, but nothing too bad really.

That took me 50 minutes at a shockingly bad 10mph average.

This morning, everything is fine again. I felt good, did a pretty good time in, (not that I’m clock watching) and my average was up at 16mph.

As you can see from the photo taken this morning on arrival at work I have the beginnings of the dreaded helmet hair, looks like I’m due a haircut! On another plus, this was the first morning’s pedal this year that I didn’t deploy my headover (Buff) for toasty ears. It was pretty warm. Good news!

I hope I feel as good on  my way home as I did on the way in!

Finishing on a sad family note, I had a phone call last night off my cousin Ade, who’s in the Fleet Air Arm in the Royal Navy telling me his Mom had passed away. Pat was 71 and had suffered from manic depression all her life and hadn’t been functioning at all for the past few years. Ever since I’ve known her she has had this awful illness, but on a few rare occasions we did see the real her and a lovely person she was too.

Ade told me Doug his Dad is relieved it’s all over as is he. I can see where they’re coming from. We saw her last Autumn and she didn’t even acknowledge our presence even though Dan was kicking off all over their house as usual, much to Doug’s delight. He was hoping Dan would generate a spark in her. But sadly nothing.

I didn’t enjoy phoning my Mom & Dad and brother with the news last night. Sorry about the sombre finish.


4 responses to “Body wreck and bad news.

  1. Morning Clive, sorry to hear about the family bereavement its that mixed feeling of sadness and relief. I felt the same when my mum passed away some years ago. I know what you mean about the ride home. There are just those days when it seem hard. No idea why! Where I live its so flat on the commute home I start at the bottom and its all down hill from there. But some days I think the the legs are dead and the brakes are on.

  2. Sorry about your loss Clive.

    Not a lot else I can say.

  3. Clive – very sorry to hear about the family loss. The ailments of the mind are the toughest there is.

    Just pulled up your FaceBook profile pic and looked at it next to this current one. Quite a difference sir. You’re half the man you used to be.

    Take care.


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