Pump it up until you can feel it!

Now that was  a tad moist this morning. But, needs must etc. I had a bit of a tail wind helping me along to take the edge off the deluge, but hey ho, crack on! Annoyingly and unusually I had every traffic light on red and every junction I had to stop for traffic. So the whole pedal felt a bit stop start.

Yesterday’s pedal home went ok with absolutely nothing to report. The pre pedal check always done an hour before I set off from work could have gone better though. A flat front tyre, that was changed in record time, the puncture repaired and the spare tube fitted. I couldn’t find a sharp in the tyre either. I must at this point big up my pump. One of these.

Mine is the blue one, to go with my bike naturally, but these have tremendous pumping power, I got my front tyre to an acceptable pedalling pressure pretty quickly. Obviously they’re no track pump, but these are a quality engineered product. They feel quality and the operation is smooth as silk. Some nice touches are rubber covers on all the openings to keep crap out and a good bracket and strap to secure the thing to your bike. All in all the best mini pump I’ve ever had by a good long way, for road bike use with their smaller volume tyres you won’t be disappointed.

For MTBing go for one of these babies. As good as a track pump and eminently portable despite what some reviewers say!

Just for tidyness, I did my upper body stuff and the food management was spot on yesterday too.


9 responses to “Pump it up until you can feel it!

  1. I use the Mountain Morph, keep it in my commuter bag, its great for road tyres too though mate, I got mine upto 90 PSI without breaking sweat TBH

    You dont need anything else, on charity rides where speed is a must, I wont be using anything other than a saddle bag, so will still need Co2, but as a commuter the Mountain Morphis IDEAL

  2. I totally agree about the Lezyne hand pump, but disagree about the Mountain Morph as the Lezyne version is simply outstanding:


    I’ve got the same hand pump as you on the road bike, but the Micro Floor Drive for my MTB and it’s really good. Was out leading a novice MTB ride the other day and the group got an absurd 8 punctures, everyone was well impressed with the Micro Floor Drive.

  3. I’m a fan of CO2 cartridges. They’re incredibly fast and they bring your tire up to 100% pressure so you’re not “making do” on underinflated tires.

    It’s a real shame you flatted. A real shame. It didn’t take long for karma to bommarang back and hit you in the head, did it? 🙂

  4. @Rafe, I saw your pump (ohh matron) on the Lickeys with Jon, nice bit of kit. As for the novices, I’d have made them use their kit to fix the punctures or walk back, that’d been a good life lesson in MTBing!

    @Steve, fair one mate, I guess I had that coming! 🙂

  5. I carry the Topeak Morph pump on my commuter. Love it.

  6. I just recently had to buy a new pump to take along with me on the ride. I didn’t know much about which brand was best, so I got a Blackburn mostly because it was the smallest. I’ll keep this brand in mind should I need another one in the future.

    Good thing you checked your bike an hour before your ride home yesterday. Happy Riding, Clive.


  7. Oi Chapman, I got a puncture last night when I left Physio

    I blame you !!!!!


  8. @Clive, ah yes, I whipped it out when I was in the woods with you and Jon. It’s been well used since then and am really impressed with it.

    Love the idea of getting the novices to fix their own punctures using their own kit – except when you’ve 20 people on a ride (it wasn’t a training session, just a ride) you want to get moving asap. Also a lot of them don’t carry stuff to fix a puncture – let alone things like multitools etc! However, I do usually take the opportunity to point out that maybe they should because without me it would be an x mile walk back to the car!

  9. @Rafe, just a thought re the novices from my old military past… 😉

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