Tuesday Tuesday, don’t need that day…

A tremendously hard fought battle with my inner wimp this morning. I awoke with a start (I hate that) at 0430hrs and unfortunately my bed felt just too warm and comfortable. I lay there for half an hour listening to the birds and trying to come up with any excuse not to get my fat lazy arse out of bed. I failed miserably and at 0458hrs I got up, abluted, got dressed, got on my bike and was away. Into thick fog.

The pedal over the Beeches was done in near invisibilty and accompanying foggy dampness. Luckily at that time, as well lit and hi vizzed up as I am I only saw 1 car who flashed his main beam at me, no doubt in protest at my very bright front light. Either that or he was showing solidarity for a fellow early riser.

Probably too much detail here, but my snot tap is working overtime at the moment, I seem to be constantly clearing my tubes and my gloves look like a troop of slugs have been crawling all over them for a week. I think it must be the remnants of the flu and chest infection buggering off. I’m still having coughing fits at the top of every climb even after all this time!

Yesterday’s commute home was a standard affair past the QE hospital and via the Bristol Road. I did battle with a number 63 bus from Selly Oak to Northfield, we played leapfrog at every bus stop along the way, but I won the race to the Black Horse Pub in Northfield.

Upper body and core excercises done as usual when I got in and the required food disciplne carried out too. All in all a standard day.


One response to “Tuesday Tuesday, don’t need that day…

  1. Well done! That is awesome. I am glad that the car high-beamed you, because it meant that he saw you, despite the fog. Way to be safe out there.

    My nose faucet is working too. Let us both heal up this week.

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