Birthday Sunday

After my birthday the end of January, wifey’s on Friday today is the Spawn of Satan’s birthday. The holy terror is now 4! I haven’t a clue where the time has gone!

He’s already opened his presents off us. He’s had a ray gun that makes the most annoying sounds imaginable, a punch bag with boxing gloves, a fire engine jigsaw a Ben 10 bedspread set, some money and later he’s off to the Wacky in Bromsgrove.

Happy Birthday Dan!

Yesterday’s match at Bees v Worcester Warriors was a very entertaining game which Bees lost 27 – 10. A very good result against the runaway league leaders, which to be fair was a game they could and should have won. As usual the oppositions scores apart from 1 all came from Bees unforced errors. If we can nail the precision and concentration thing I think we’re there.

A couple of photos of the Bees tries courtesy of my good friend Neil Tunney who you can find and follow on Twitter here.

Bees Director of Rugby Russell Earnshaw scoring a rare one!

Bees Blindside Flanker Rob Connelly going in for his try!

Highlights below.


One response to “Birthday Sunday

  1. Happy birthday Dan!

    It’s my sons 4th birthday tomorrow, wisely he has been bought some very quiet toys!

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