Heart Scan results

The scan yesterday didn’t happen. This is beacuse the heart specialist took one look at my high BP history (even though it’s normal now), couple of heart scares and my enlarged heart wall and said it’s just not worth coming off the meds. Ever.

He qualified that by saying they’ll do annual check, but it was a tad disappointing.

He did try to sugar the pill a bit by telling me he was certain the enlarged heart was due to my fit as a butcher’s dog past. He said with my rugby and military past it is almost a given that that was what caused it. Although high BP doesn’t help!

So back to one heart tablet a day for the foreseeable future.

Onto weight. 15 stones 11Ibs after a static weight week. But that’s only pedalling 3 out of the 5 days this week. I’m in the car today as there is a ruck of kit to shift at work.

But a 6 and a half stone loss so far (91Ibs) is the main fact that needs concentrating on.


16 responses to “Heart Scan results

  1. Concentrate on the positives – your heart is still beating! BTW I take 4 a day and probably will always 😦

  2. Cheers Dave, I will.

  3. Keep your pecker up mate

  4. It’s the only way it points mate…

  5. Not the best news Clive but, it could have been a lot worse (the pecker could have been falling off!).

    Inspiring numbers re the weight loss and hey, we all knew the army made things thicker 🙂

  6. 🙂 Ain’t that the truth mate!

  7. Hey thanks for that 91 lbs conversion. I’ve never even thought about Stones before.

  8. Hi Matt, I have to do the conversion to stones on North American blogs, a stone is 14Ibs. Sounds less doesn’t it!

  9. 91lbs… great result Clive. Sorry ’bout the meds, but on balance this seems like a good report card from the Doc.

  10. You’re right as always Mike!

  11. Agreeing with the others, Clive. It would have been great to say that you are off the meds, but one pill a day is much less than where you would have been if you hadn’t sweated off those 91 pounds.

    Glad to hear your other parts are in working order! Count your blessings, right?

  12. I’m counting Clyde! Thanks for the good wishes!

  13. A small inconvenience, I think. The great news is your overall fitness is improved and your charming personality remains unblemished! You can chalk up your enlarged heart to all the love you have inside you. Try to do it without gagging – it ruins the effect.

  14. Thanks Steve! LOL!

  15. Could have been MUCH worse, Thank god it wasn’t

    Livestong Dude

  16. Clive, I was diagnosed with and enlarged heart also a few years ago. The company annual chest x-ray had the doctor calling me to get in touch with a heart specialist. So I waited a year, didn’t die and finally made an appointment. Much like you, I have spent a life of excersising. I have also spent most my life over eating drinking beer and burning it off.
    So a echocardiogram indicated an enlarged heart, a slight leak in the one of the valves and said otherwise ok. Stay on your high cholesterol meds, eat less, and excercise. Well I haven’t managed the middle one yet. 🙂
    Wishing you well and 50 more years of having fun mate.

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