The agony!

On my pedals to and from work and my occasional leisure pedal, I very rarely notice smells. Mainly because I haven’t got a very good sense of smell!

Sometimes when I’m down the cut pedalling through Bournville I can smell chocolate from the Cadbury’s factory or pedalling past the Council tip at Cotteridge I can smell rubbish, or in the summer freshly cut grass. I ain’t that bothered by chocolate so the Cadburys thing doesn’t worry me, I can do without the smell of shit and I get hayfever so I’d rather not smell freshly cut grass as nice as it is.

But this morning, for the first time ever on a commute, I was pedalling through Edgbaston and some vicious sadistic bastard was frying bacon. At 0530hrs of a morning! That’s just not fair! I’m now dreaming of a full English. It’s agony!

Moving swiftly on…I finally got my Stella Light and Motion 120 light replaced yesterday from Red Kite Cycles under warranty.

It’s now sitting on my Giant Defy and did a bloody good job of lighting the way through the lanes around Frankley Beeches this morning.


2 responses to “The agony!

  1. Mmmm… bacon.

    I’d ride a 100 miles uphill for some applewood smoked hog!

  2. Ohhh Clive I feel you’re pain, had a similar problem cycling through Oxford on Sunday, it was pure bloody murder!
    Funny you mention Cadbury, a mate at work took his missus to Cadbury world a couple of weeks ago, I was shocked it cost him nearly £50 to go round!

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