Stress Head

My beloved wife is a total stress head, anything and everything can get her panicking or worrying, so with big things potentially happening at home at the moment her stress levels are off the richter scale. Yesterday was a classic. When I got in from my pedal (having being caught in a bloody hail shower) she started going off on one about happenings at Dan’s nursery where she’s sure the staff think every bad happening is Dan’s fault. Anyway, during her ticking like a meter about that, the other thing that’s going on at the moment kicked off and she went through the roof being absolutely sure that everything was going to be ruined. I would like to get in properly and settle in first, but that’s wifey. The minute I’m through the door it starts! I do love her dearly though!

As I’ve always said to her, it’s not the circumstances that get to me, but how she deals with it that is the problem for us. Wifey stressing is boat loads more stressful for me than the actual thing that’s causing her stress. The happenings can be dealt with, she can’t!

What has this got to do with weight loss cycling?

After dinner I had to drop Fay off at Air Cadets, on my way out wifey gave me a bit of cash and said “get me some chocolate, I need it!” This is a dangerous time for me, this can lead to beer and take outs. But yesterday I employed TCUP and just got the missus her chocolate. Indeed when I got back and she offered me some while we were watching TV I declined, which fortunately, according to wifey was, “The right answer!”

Going out after we settle down for the evening very rarely happens fortunately, so this is a rarity. But it’s been consistently over the years a dangerous rarity for me food and drink wise. I was pretty pleased with myself!

I sorted my SPD problem out at work yesterday, I’d forgotten I’d adjusted the pedals to be a bit tighter when I cleaned the bike a few weeks ago, I’d over adjusted them making it impossible to clip in. A turn of the allen key and all was well again! Don’t forget to test after you’ve adjusted Clive!

The upper body and core stuff was done yesterday too. The reps are still where they were after a 2 week break which was very pleasing. My back is till sore though. Just have to get on with it…

The pedal in went ok this morning, the expected torrential rain kept away and I arrived here nice and dry. I’m pedalling without overshoes and waterproof trousers at the moment, a first for the year. Add that on to the appearance of the Crocus’ and Daffodils and maybe, just maybe, winter is thinking about buggering off!


7 responses to “Stress Head

  1. Let me get this right… On valentines day your wife a) tells you what she actually wants, b) gives you time to get it and c) gives you the money too?

    As for stressing, I know exactly where she’s at. My mother-in-law is exactly the same, no sense of rational thought or understanding of probability.

  2. Btw I am very rational, logical and level headed so I find the dragon’s thought processes irrational, illogical and insane. Haven’t worked out how to get her to think like me so sorry no tips!

  3. Everyone’s different mate. I know she’ll never change and it’s my problem to deal with it effectively. Some days I’m better at it than others!

    I’m the same as you, logical, and rational to a fault. That stresses her too!

  4. Ohhh i’m just pig headed 🙂

  5. By the way, this “news” you’ve got better be something impressive after all the teasing 😉

  6. Impressive for us mate if it happens. Don’t know wether you folks will care or not!

  7. @Rafe, just noticed the Valentines Day comment, we don’t do it. Never have. A greeting card industry and florists conspiricay mate!

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