Pedalling again…

Back here at Sunny Smethwick after a road bike pedal in. Generally felt ok after the Beeches climb and going in via Harbourne. I did have a coughing fit on top of the Beeches though, which is the remnants of the flu bug/chest infection I had a month or so back. But my back feels ok.

The only problem I did have was that I couldn’t clip my right foot into my spud for most of the ride. I only managed to clip in with about 2 miles to go, God knows what the issue was. I’ll have a play when I take my bike next door to have a wash and get changed into civvies.

Struggling with focus at the moment, don’t get me wrong, I’m still on the ball with the food, but all of this isn’t at the front of my mind at the moment. As I’ve mentioned before there’s huge changes going on for me that is taking my energies elsewhere. I can’t tempt fate and mention what it is directly, but suffice it to say it’s occupying every waking moment for me and the family. All of a sudden everything else has become pretty insignificant.

I’m looking forward to sharing what it is with you all if it actually happens…Fingers and toes crossed…


2 responses to “Pedalling again…

  1. Great stuff for getting back on the pedals matey, funnily enough I had a fair bit of trouble cliping in my left foot yesterday, couldn’t seem to locate the front of the pedal. Glad to hear your still keeping on the ball foodwise but I’m intreged to hear what these big plans are!

  2. Looking forward to your big announcement.

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