Something for the weekend Sir?

A clean bike perhaps?



And some gratutitous wheel shots for Toby.

This was done a fortnight ago before my back started acting up. It will get dirty next week!


8 responses to “Something for the weekend Sir?

  1. Hello mate; I noticed from your pictures that you have the road racer mark 1 guards , if you go to the crud web page then go to the spares page you can get the extension for the rear guard, (the part that comes right down to your bottom bracket, these are off the mark 2 but fit e treat) all it costs you is 6 first class stamps and the job is done. The extension works really well. Alison at Crud is top notch and customer service is second to none. Hope the back gets better I am off with a broken arm/ wrist and it,s sh*t
    good luck mate
    all the best

  2. Thanks for the heads up Andy. Appreciate it. Hope the break mends soon!

  3. Nice to see I am not alone in the bike cleaning department 😉

  4. I hate dirty bikes JB. I think it’s my OCD playing up!

  5. I swear I never get tired of seeing pictures of nice, clean bikes (that are actually put to use!). Glad to hear that the back is finally cooperating.

  6. All my bikes need a bath. Your post got me thinking I need to get er done.

  7. Nice cleaning job. Did you take the cassette off to get it that clean?

  8. No mate, I can and do take the cassette off, but usually a degreaser and a washing up brush or a floor scrubbing brush does the trick as in this case.

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