Moving on…

My trip to the Docs went as I suspected reference my back problem. I have a recurrence of my sciatica problem. I get it every few years or so and it normally lasts 2 to 3 weeks after pain killers, physio and stretching.

The Doc signed me off for a week which means that I’m working from home while off sick. Basically I keep the engineers organised, keep on top of stock control and deal with customer warranty issues all via the mobile phone, email and the vehicle trackers. Technology is wonderful!

While I was at the Docs I jumped on his scales and amazingly they said 15 st 8.5Ibs, which is the same discrepency they showed last time. So it appears my actual weight is 15st 11Ibs as I’m using mine as the true reading.

No excercise means being on top of the food intake big style. I’ve read plenty of Blogs where folks have had significent weight loss minus excercise so there’s no reason why I can’t do the same.

There’s big things happening at the my rugby club at the moment and massive happenings here at home. More on those as they (hopefully) come into fruition. I’m not about to tempt fate by actually mentioning them out loud!


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