Now I’m confused…

After Friday’s debacle with the weigh in I quite naturally told wifey who was quite incredulous as to what the scales told me.

She said the following:

You look thinner than you ever have.

Your clothes are baggier than ever.

Your food intake has been good.

That doesn’t sound right.

But, scales don’t lie.

On Friday evening in the Dodford Inn my mate Ski (who is a qualified British Army PTI) went into some quite technical detail about weight loss, glycogen, muscle mass, how fat and water is stored, hydration, calorific consumption etc. No disrespect to Ski but I kind of faded out a bit. (Me simple, eat less excercise more). He brought the subject up actually as he had read my blog and couldn’t understand the weight gain I’d mentioned.

But the bottom line with what he was telling me was that with the level of work I’ve been doing and my discipline with the food he couldn’t see how I could have put on a whole stone in weight even with my appalling December behaviour.

A puzzle.

This morning I replaced the batteries in the scales and weighed myself 5 times in various locations upstairs in my house. Each time they said this:

Excuse my ugly feet.

Obviously 15 st 11Ib is better than 17st 4Ib, but what to believe? I’d love to believe the readings on the scales today, but I can’t quite bring myself to.

My back is still no better and I’ll be going to the Docs tomorrow, so I’ll get on his scales just for a bit of reassurance. His scales always read a bit lighter than mine anyway so if the same discrepency is present I will believe what my scales are saying.

Just wish my back would start playing.

But I guess the reality is no matter what the scales say it won’t affect what I’m doing.


4 responses to “Now I’m confused…

  1. 1. Pay attention next time.
    2. Told you
    ruff yesterday!

  2. Maybe someone swapped them for some comedy scales when you weren’t looking 😉

  3. Digital scales can be pants, if you have ceramic floor tiles weigh yourself on them *you know what I mean)

  4. I’d believe the new set of readings. Regard the 17st reading as a spurious result.

    If it really is getting to you, take a hydrostatic test for % body fat – will give you a much better idea of body composition rather than using ‘weight’.

    Inspiring story. Well done, keep at it.

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